Biden in Iraq; Hillary and Middle East Leaders in DC – Hmmm

Posted on September 2, 2010

This week, Vice-President Biden’s job has been to observe the end of US Combat in Iraq.  Surrounded by the military of two nations, what could go wrong?  What babblings could he utter to highlight his inadequate performance as the next in line after the President?

Hillary is holding forth with George Mitchell in a theater in which she is expert – the Middle East.  The last days of her husband’s presidency were spent trying to capture the elusive peace in the Middle East.  Meanwhile, there has been speculation that she will replace Biden on the ticket in 2012.  Biden?  Why not Obama!  A draft Hillary movement is not out of the question.  A draft with overwhelming support may just convince her and the powers that be that a run on her own with her own good choice for the second spot would bring a greater opportunity for Democrats to pull off a win.  At least one ad is already up and running [HT HotAir]:

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