Obama Can’t Be Muslim and a Gay Advocate at the Same Time

Posted on September 2, 2010

An accident has happened a the crossroads of  politics and reason and the pileup will get worse unless some Conservatives and Republicans begin to sort through just what direction they are really taking.

Some Conservative groups are now saying that the evidence is overwhelming that the anti-bullying movement is a cover for pushing the Gay agenda in schools.  They cite the Obama appointment of a homosexual Education Czar and  inadequate measures in the Safe Schools Improvement Act Czar Jennings has helped craft as  steps in this process.

With a growing number of small, innocent children suicides due to bullying by certain of their peers who had taunted them as being gay (founded and unfounded), to be opposed to laws and/or rules in schools against bullying is not putting so-called “Christians” in a good light.  It is Sodom and Gomorrah up against commandments that charge us to not judge and to love one another.  The movement behind anti-bullying has to do with saving the lives of innocent children not pushing a gay agenda.  Gay support of legislation to address bullying of children in schools over gay name-calling is not pushing an agenda. If gays support this movement it is because their persecution has been carried out at a level that is other than holy or correct.  Should bullying be allowed because gays are anti-bullying?  Does this make sense.  The agenda against Gays is far deadlier.

Numerous education, health, law enforcement and youth development organizations support federal legislation to combat bullying and harassment, including the American Association of School Administrators, American Federation of Teachers, American School Health Association, National Association of School Psychologists, National Education Association and National Parent Teacher Association.   [humanrightscampaign]

In the case of small children, let’s leave Obama and the agenda of some Conservatives out of the argument for anti-bullying measures. The lives of small, innocent children are at risk. SamHenry stands at the side of those kids. Kids are too small and too precious for either side to use in this ugly war of words. Keep the focus on Obama and other adults or this could backfire and really hurt Conservatives and Republicans in the elections ahead.
And in the interim, sort through this Obama is Muslim and pro-gay bit.  The two just don’t work together.

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