She Lies, She Threatens and She’s Cheap: Chasing the Palin Persona

Posted on September 2, 2010

Sarah Palin’s control over her exposure to the media has been so successful that a whole new breed of investigative journalist has been born: the Persona Papparazi.  They’re after her essence – what makes her tick – what makes her ticked off.  They do everything conceivable to move in next door to her, follow her from town to town  and make Levi feel he is a star.

The latest PP to chase after her is Michael Joseph Gross who writes for Vanity Fair among other publications.  He anonymously sourced all kinds of information about her but in-the-main her temper is his story.  According to his sources, she threatens people and yells and screams at Todd.

Because Sarah Palin uses Twitter and Facebook like press releases, her tweets and statements are at a remove from interacting with the press.  Of necessity,  these have, according to Gross, become “news.” He also takes her to task for lying, lousy tips and treating people terribly in general.  So where are all of the sources for this? He can’t say.  Bloggers are taken to task for not referencing their claims.  It is amazing that Vanity Fair will report hearsay information.

Gross himself looked like a deer in the headlights when being interviewed about all of this by CNN.  He should take heart.  Sarah is out for bigger game.  See the CNN interview at:

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