Stephen Hawking Says God Did Not Create the Universe – It’s Self-Created. Updated 9/3/2010

Posted on September 2, 2010

Just when we need to be reassured that there is a kind and caring God, the genius physicist Stephen Hawking reappears on the galactic horizon with a new book in which he pulls back from a previous position that God may have had something to do with the creation of the universe.  He has moved to this theory’s  polar opposite; God did not create the universe – it is self-creating.

So now we are in the midst of the Middle East Peace Process – a process we evoke annually, and now we find there is not a God-created universe.  Does this mean that the Jews are not a chosen people but have been self-chosen?  How far do we go with this push the blame away game?

OK, Obama will fix this.  He will take credit for the creation of the Universe and he will ensure that Middle-East peace will be achieved but it may have to be self-created.  Actually, this may prove a convenient out for everybody.  No one’s God will get in the way of people coming together.  They are relieved of fighting over religion and are left fighting over money and land.

Yes, Stephen Hawking is a brilliant man.  I wonder if he was self-created?

See the article on his new book here.


Of course every man and woman of the cloth has come out to slam Stephen Hawking on his theory that the Universe was not created by God.  The UK’s Daily Mail quoted several on this topic that has united Jews, Christians, Muslims and all life forms near and far against this theory.

OK, so God may not be THE creator.  What if he were just some generous soul who loved to write rules to live by so Irma Bombeck could have a basis for her theories and to pass out seed packets kind of like a Jewish Johnny Appleseed?  Shouldn’t we still try to keep some of   his rules of the road and sayings?  And doesn’t everyone love a success story?  After all, in the view of some, he got his start as a tribal God working summers in the Catskills.  No small feat to end up globally recognized.  So it’s not an inter- galactic act.  Who cares. We here appreciate  his jokes and the biggest one yet could be on Stephen Hawking.

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