Global Food Shortages and Zaza Gabor Will Be Plasticized – Reality Meets the Ridiculous

Posted on September 3, 2010

Plastination: German doctor Gunther von Hagens showcases his work where he preserves bodies and body parts to stop them decaying and retains some of the features of the original sample Read more:

You are a wealthy member of pseudo-European Royalty.  Your plan when your infamous actress  wife dies is to have her “plasticized” and put on display as a tribute to her beauty.  The process is the one used by the doctor who created a tour for some bodies in various stages of  autopsy that he had “plasticized.”    Weakened by illness, Zaza Gabor has been in and out of hospital quite a lot during the past few weeks.  Let us hope she is unaware that her husband has plans to plasticize her and put her on display when she passes.

You can spend your money preserving the dead or you can do something magnificent for the living.  The long-predicted global food shortage has reared its ugly head.  Vladimir Putin has affirmed that the ban on exporting grain from Russia will hold:

The Russian prime minister said that it was “necessary to note that we will only be able to consider lifting the grain export ban after next year’s harvest … and we have clarity on the balances”.

His announcement came after deadly protests in Mozambique and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation calling an emergency meeting to discuss the shortages. [Telegraph]

Time and money spent on this problem would be a far greater tribute to ZaZa Gabor’s life than to plasticize her at age 93.  And as for ZaZa, we can only hope that her passing will be peaceful and that she will not know about this last bit of publicity at her expense.  The only thing plasticized that should be allowed this 9th husband would be a charge card to use to donate to the UN programs for relief in this area.