Big, Beautiful Bristol Palin Practices for Dancing With the Stars

Posted on September 4, 2010

WOW!  She missed her high school prom because she was pregnant.  But she’s having a coming out party on Dancing with the Stars this Season (begins September 20th).  She just about dwarfs her partner whose head even appears smaller and it’s not a matter of hair either.  She’s a big, bold, beautiful woman and she’s way past Levi.

In an interview on the Jay Leno Show, Jay got a couple of key nuggets of information about Bristol’s life post Levi.  She works as an office manager in a dermatologist’s office in Anchorage AND she is not devastated by the breakup between her and Levi.   She says she did everything she could to make it work for their son.

Most intriguing, Jay got her to answer the question is the Levi we are seeing now the Levi you fell in love with?  NO.  There has been a big change.  Here’s the Bristol segment from the show:

Does MaMa Sarah approve?  The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.  She shot back with the fact that she’s independent.   That she is.  And MaMa Bear – where was she all through this?  Sorry Vanity Fair.  Bristol reports she’s out hunting.

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