Congresswoman Johnson – Deals with Ambiguous Scholarship Rules and other Pitfalls

Posted on September 4, 2010

Anderson Cooper interviewed Texas Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson by phone and uncovered some of the reasons she now finds herself in an ethical bind over giving Black Caucus Scholarship monies to relatives not even living in her district.

  • She’s got a lot of work to do and is very busy.  She was negligent.
  • Her Chief of Staff was responsible.
  • The rules were ambiguous.
  • She made a mistake.

And now, the records to do with all of this are MISSING from her office.  But she kept repeating that she had repaid the monies.  That’s nice, Congresswoman Johnson,  but this happened over several years and that means several other students missed an opportunity for which they cannot ever be repaid.

And now, this remarkable interview:


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