Islamization of France Proceeds Unabated

Posted on September 4, 2010

A man who has watched Muslims illegally closing off Paris streets for public worship has brought his video to YouTube.  He has had threats against his life something we have come to expect from many Muslims.

The confrontation of cultures/religions is such that LEGAL resolution will  have to be found to avoid escalation toward a conflagration.   Here is one of the tapes made with hidden camera. [CBN via DrudgeReport]

Frustration is mounting world wide with videos such as this and other media reports  of Muslims either asking for special preference or taking it; abusing free speech and threatening the lives of others.  What is needed is work toward resolution of these issues, not more examples of them.

The war between Islam and Judeo-Christian west has spilled over the borders of the Middle east and into the heart of the West and its cultural capitals – its most visible and key capitals.  Even were the current Peace Process to succeed, the larger picture will continue equally challenging and fragile.

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