Tony Blair Can’t Wait for History to Uncover How He Helped Save the Monarchy – He Does the Job Himself

Posted on September 4, 2010

What another terrible year for the monarchy in Britain.  First Fergie tries to sell access to her husband, Prince Andrew and now former Prime Minister Tony Blair is selling access to the royal family and doing it by selling you his book filled with tender morsels of information from inside palace walls.  This is simply not done, Mr. Blair.

In accounts on-line and in the press, it seems the central message is that Blair tried to save the Monarchy from itself in the days immediately following Princess Diana’s death.  This of course involved setting Prince Charles straight on public perception and what to do about it and asking that he pass it on to the Queen.

Not only does Mr. Blair fancy himself a deus ex machina, he admits that the late Princess Diana and he were very much cut from the same cloth:

‘We were both, in our own way, manipulators” — good at grasping the feelings of others and instinctively playing on them.’ [Telegraph]

Too bad, Tony.  History would have been kinder to you for your discretion.  The Queen and public will not be.

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