Immigration Reform: When Does Protecting a Culture Become Racist and Inhumane?

Posted on September 7, 2010

In Germany the shadows of the Nazis still linger.  It was driven home painfully with the recent publication of a book decrying current immigration policy by a board member of Germany’s Central Bank, Thilo Sarrazin :

In Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab (roughly translating as “Germany Is Doing Away With Itself”), published in August, Sarrazin argues against further immigration by drawing links between lower-class heritage and a lack of intelligence. He also claims that the influx of immigrants from Turkey, the Middle East and Africa is watering down German culture.

In the Time Magazine article, the book draws links between lower class heritage and lack of intelligence.  Right here is where anti-immigration sentiment goes over the line into racism.

While the Time article claims the book has met with stiff opposition, Yahoo News claims it has many supporters. Only a campaign of letter-writing has kept Sarrazin in his post.

Mankind has come far in its ideal to protect fragile cultures such as those found in the Amazon or on Pacific islands until greed overtakes the urge to protect.  But in the “civilized” world, a desire to be among one’s own cultural fellows is viewed as segregationist.

Laws have come into being here because Whites continued to exclude blacks from their basic rights of which one was the right to purchase property anywhere they wanted.  But today, it is still made difficult for blacks to move into white neighborhoods.

The growing Muslim population prefers to remain in a cloistered society in places such as Dearborn, MI where they have gained the right to practice some forms of Sharia law.  Muslim immigrants are now arriving  here in large numbers;  Ditto Latinos.  We find ourselves at a watershed moment in which the predominantly European culture in this nation is under pressure from new arrivals to bend and change, the reverse of the old melting pot, assimilation route.  These groups are more vocal, more demanding.  What to do?

There is very little that can be done to protect the current social configuration in the face of overwhelming opposition.  It is the large numbers of immigrants that are literally changing the face of Europe and America.  What is happening is an influx that usually accompanies an invasion.  It is peacetime.  To try to prevent people coming in peace from crossing our borders appears unjust.

There has never been another time in recorded history like this and it will not soon end.  With food and water and other basic resources disappearing in some countries, the population shifts will now have survival in the mix.  How can you turn away people who need to eat?

Perhaps in considering immigration reform, we can again consider a reason for wanting to enter the US.  If it is political or for lack of basic necessities such as food or a job to sustain one’s family, then these things cannot be denied.  With the world’s population growing, soon the resources globally will be at risk and massive instability will result.

Immigration reform needs to not only look to the past for causes but to envision future causes.  Protecting the culture or heritage here is already moot as people stream across the border legally and illegally.  Global stability should be our focus right now.  What MORE can we do for Mexico to suppress crime and increase jobs so that the people feel safe and secure there?  We will have to become more involved.

Most important, migration not immigration is the real problem.  The subject needs to be considered at a global level as well as local.  What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas.  Right about now with the economy there, people are leaving in droves.  We have migrations going on now among the states and that is of equal concern.