Running Away From 9/11 Anniversary

Posted on September 12, 2010

How many times can I tolerate looking at the planes hitting the twin towers at Ground Zero in NYC?  After this year, not one more time.  This year more than at any other time, the build up to the anniversary was marred by the press coverage of mini-madmen and their schemes such as burning the Quran.  On the memorial day, one man burned the Quran page by page near ground zero itself but also near the site of the hotly contended Muslim Cultural Center.

This last act will not only put the perpetrator in danger but anyone who visits Ground Zero.  The memorial site will no doubt become a target in and of itself.  US travelers and residents abroad now have additional exposure to “nuts” on the opposite side of issues surrounding the history of US policies and actions.  Now, many Muslims declare they will only be satisfied the day Uncle Sam utters the words “my bad.”

I did not watch coverage of speeches and remembrances.  I went outside and enjoyed the sunny day here and the garden.  On-line, I left my annual 9/11 message as the only “new” post on my blog and then “hid out” on the blogs of friends overseas and sites for foreign press were I met this fellow:

Wetland wildlife: the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust photography competition - Telegraph, UK September 12, 2010

Nice “sunglasses” inspiration from the eyes of a dragonfly! But to return to the focus: enjoying a sunny day is a good way to remember those who died.  The victims would want you to do what ever made you comfortable.  All they ask is a couple moments acknowledgment of the date and what happened.  Time spent on it is not being marked.

Anger is exhausting as is reviewing trauma.  I am older now and I miss the innocence of my childhood in the 1940s and 50s – an innocence that was shattered for all time by 9/11.  Like a refugee, I plan for the future with a focus on things I will accomplish rather than on inflicting additional fear, anger and trauma on myself even if it is warranted.  My remembrance will be quiet and reflective and peaceful.

I’m ready to move on today and to re-dedicate this blog to posts that will encompass everything from the sublime to the ridiculous.  Let’s begin with the ridiculous – a story in News of the World today about a parrot who let his owner know her man was cheating on her.  The guy made the mistake of making love to his mistress in the presence of the bird.  The bird mimicked the “love sounds” of the miscreants and repeated them to his owner.  Bird and bad boy were banished.  It’s difficult to teach a parrot not to say something that will upset you.

One final bit of whimsy from the seductively silly Brits: a “Cat” organ.

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