Sara Ferguson’s Excellent Oprah Channel Adventure May Be Her Undoing

Posted on September 12, 2010

We lived through Sara Ferguson’s dire circumstances earlier in the year when she was caught in a sting operation trying to sell access to her former husband, Prince Andrew and the subsequent family and public furor over her debts.

Fresh from these disasters and months of expensive spa and party therapy, Fergie has now signed a contract with Oprah Winfrey  to star in a documentary about her life in the hope that it will help someone.  Help SOMEONE?  It will help keep Sara financially afloat.  But Sarah could drown in public ennui with and disdain of her repeated confessional appearances in the media.  That seems to be the extent of her talents these days.

This entire venture cannot possibly have been approved by the royals.  Putting her troubles to rest and going forward  would be more characteristic.  Her  special relationship with Andrew seems to have evaporated.  Sarah always has something to sell.