Alons, The French Ban the Veil and Re-Assert Import of Fraternity, Egality

Posted on September 14, 2010

The French are baaaaack.  The stormers of the Bastille are alive and well and leading the way with courage. The Senate has just passed a bill banning the wearing of face-coverings in public.

The bill is aimed at ensuring gender equality, women’s dignity and security, as well as upholding France’s secular values — and its way of life.

Response to the measure was swift – a credible  threat against the Eiffel Tower causing an evacuation.  Sadly, it has not been safe to oppose that which Islam values even if the burka is a Bedouin tradition and not born of the Quran.  The response amply illustrates the need for the measure: France is a nation of law not death threats.  The West has suffered under threat of physical harm for too long.

This is a secular culture asserting its rights within its borders.  It is also, in these times, a security measure.  It has been Muslim threats and acts of violence that have, ironically, made it imperative to ban the burka for security reasons alone.