Physics in the Mind of Stephen Hawking and Islam

Posted on September 16, 2010

Stephen Hawking enjoyed a jet trip to a weightless state. He said it was one of the highlights of his life and he wants to travel into space.

Stephen Hawking’s new book The Grand Design was launched recently and I watched him interviewed several times along with this co-author, Leonard Mlodinow.  The American Public was focused on the 9th anniversary of 9/11 and the burning of Qurans.  In all this uproar I thought:  I wonder what Islam thinks of modern physics and Stephen Hawkings’ ground-breaking theories based on the discipline?  We have what seems a clash of cultures that cannot be resolved – but is science more neutral?  I soon discovered otherwise:


From the Rise of Modern Physics: Islam, China and the West.

I had to get out a blog post providing some direction for study of the subject for me and others, I did not have time to take a class.  Initially, I sought brief articles or transcripts of lectures.  I found one of each that proved helpful:

I read a short article by Dallas M. Roark whose lectures are featured on a website Answering Islam at  The article in particular that was of help to me, “Science and Islam,” located at

I found an excellent source in a lecture, Islam and Modern Science, by Seyyid Hossein Nasr posted at the website for the MIT Muslim Student Association URL

It is my hope these titles will launch us into further investigations.  It helped me get to another dimension in the web of issues that separate the West and Islam.  It is  not simple; it is not easy and the issues will not soon, if ever, be resolved.

It is noteworthy that Deepak Chopra, a Muslim, is about to research and produce a book with Hawkings’ co-author, Leonard Mlodinow.  This will be a work to anticipate.

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