The Return of the Caliphate

Posted on September 19, 2010

A neighboring blog on WordPress, Pakistanthinktank313, was where I learned about this lecture.  It is something we ouht to hear in our continuing education about all facets of Islam – mild, militant and out of sight.  Here you will find that to subject yourself to those who do not subject themselves to Allah is to leave Allah.  Technically, then, there is no way the non-believers can govern the believers.  That is the bottom line.  It does not help to run from this fact or to deny that this is what many Islamists believe.  For non-believers to do so would be unrealistic and to be unprepared for the struggle Jews and Christians will  have to live by their beliefs in a world of changing perceptions and power groups.

The following lecture is in several sections.  I will leave you to research the speaker yourselves as part of your own involvement in your education in this area – AFTER you have heard the lecture.  SamHenry makes you work for your intellectual supper from time to time.  SamHenry wants you to listen without being encumbered by the background of the speaker.  The beliefs are key.