Bristol Palin on DWTS Week 1 – Best Legs Since Cyd Charisse.

Posted on September 20, 2010

It’s all about image creation and recreation.  Bristol Palin has sought to recast her image by going on Dancing with the Stars.  It has worked better than she or her doubtful dancing partner could have imagined. It hasn’t been the attention-getting name of his initially awkward student that alone has calmed  his fears. As it turns out, Bristol has drop dead, heart-stopping gorgeous gams and she CAN dance.  For my part, this good news supports my lapse in tuning in and voting for the pair.  Who knew. Imagine SamHenry, aging journalist, now on the pop entertainment beat.  The end of days must be near.

She promised to wear “modest” clothes befitting a young mother.  Tonight they were mildly modest but brother were they short.  You can’t keep great legs under cover. Hers were set off by her red hot dancing dress and by the glittery gray suit that at first covered it.  These are legs that compare well with those of the late Cyd Charisse:

Cyd Charisse star of "Silk Stockings" with Fred Astaire

We first see a head shot of her showing off the American flag pin on her suit – shades of Mama Sarah (not in the audience –  but she can  see her from…OK forget it).

But then pan out – there they were:

And a few steps into the routine … a smokey lady in red emerged:

The lanky lady went on to hit her marks and make her moves …

And that’s how Bristol got her groove back.  Even E Online said she was good.  And she was.

Bristol has made few missteps for someone her age thrust into the limelight, watching her mother being eaten alive in politics and the press. She is a woman with her own mind (just like her mother). Her major missteps have had to do with Levi Johnston, father of her baby.  This was mentioned forthrightly in the backgrounder that preceded her act  and dismissed in a way that kept the mood light.  She has rallied and  she has once again proved she can achieve most of what she sets her mind to do.  And it doesn’t hurt that she has a great pair of legs.

Here’s hoping she doesn’t fall under the sway of Dancing With the Stars Judge, Bruno Tolioni, who took it all off to benefit cancer research.  Hairless, cheerless and tasteless I say:

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