Why Is Paris Hilton Free?

Posted on September 21, 2010

No story points more glaringly to the societal ills in this country than the sad saga of Paris Hilton. Having recently been arrested for possession, Paris found a friendly judgment today that meant a short period of community service and a light fine.  The woman was caught with cocaine and finally admitted it.  This not her first offense in this area.

No one and nothing brings Paris Hilton down.  Her continued freedom in the face of the addictive cycle she has been in for the past few years cannot be good for her or be exemplary behavior either to young impressionable people or good for the already overbearing lack of  respect for the US in the court of world opinion.

She has even left the country today on a private jet bound for Japan.  This makes a mockery of our sense of justice and fair play.

It is unclear if Lindsay Lohan is any more addicted but it is clear that Paris is a slippery customer who always gets her way.  For Paris’ sake if for no other reason, this has to stop.  She is completely self-absorbed with a chilling sense of empowerment and entitlement.  These are dangerous elements in one who needs support to deal with her addictions.