Ahmadinejad Smells Blood. Confident, Forceful Interview on Larry King

Posted on September 23, 2010

Fahreed Zakaria joined Larry King last night following King’s interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran.  His main reaction:  the Iranian leader was more confident than he had seen him in recent times. And why not? Ahmadinejad smells blood in the water as the Obama White House hemorrhages key staff and Obama’s polls are almost in the basement. Below are King and Zakaria in post-interview remarks.  View portions of the interview with Ahmadinejad here.

The President himself is not talking Iran at the moment as Ahmadinejad tells King the hard-won tougher Obama sanctions are having little effect on his country.  He was unforgiving in his remarks about Israel’s Binyamin Netanyahu.  He called him a cold-blooded killer.  And he hit hard at the founding of Israel.  Previously he had denied the holocaust, something for which Cuba’s Fidel Castro upbraided him. Ahmadinejad revealed that he had had a letter from Castro saying he had been misquoted when saying Ahmadinejad should not deny the Holocaust.  But Ahmadinejad still maintained that regardless, displaced and homeless Jews from Europe had no right to come to the middle east and take Palestinian land to  found the state of Israel after WWII. He said in effect, how would you like it if the world’s homeless came to the US and took over land?

As always, he was effectively utilizing his extensive academic background  to make forceful arguments with “inconvenient” truths albeit sprinkled with lies.   A key illustration of this was his contention that the world should turn its attention away from Iran’s nuclear development and examine the US and Israel both of which already have nuclear arms.  [Larry King interview 9/23/2020]

For the past 5 years, Ahmadinejad has been the show-stopper in the Big Apple during UN sessions of the General Assembly and at other times when he visits here. Surrounded by layers of his own tight security and buoyed by his personal cook who “stinks up” the hallways of his hotel [NY Post], this short, not overly attractive man has developed his own charismatic stye.

Meanwhile, The White House and conservatives alike have been strangely quiet about his presence and his pronouncements.  Theories abound [Time] but lack of significant comment from these diverse camps is not a matter of rocket science.  Conservatives are busy handling the fallout from the Tea Party wins in the past couple of weeks and the White House is bleeding staff.  Anger rules and Iran is not the primary target.