Bristol Palin on DWTS Week 2 – They Dressed Her Like Miss Piggy

Posted on September 28, 2010

The team of Bristol Palin and  Mark Ballas came down to earth this week on Dancing With The Stars.  It was signaled with the dowdy, ankle-length, two-tiered purple  chiffon dress in which she appeared. Then there were the ill-fitting satin gloves.  It all added up to an outfit that had to be overcome. It positively made her look like a classic shot of Miss Piggy.

Miss Piggy

Bristol Palin - il-fitting long satin gloves and unattractive top.

She went through her paces beautifully – never missing a step and kept up with her partner almost effortlessly.  But it was a vanilla performance for both.

She was more tentative or as one judge put it “careful”  in her moves and she needs to take chances.  Another judge spoke to her need to remember that dance is an art form and that she should try to get more into a character and dramatize her moves.  The judges all are looking forward to seeing her improve each week.

Here are some stills from the video.

Awkward End

Her Mother, Sarah Palin, and her younger sister.

The performance over, Bristol seems relieved and confident.

Now that Bristol knows it was not just a mistake that she was good last week, perhaps we can expect some real improvement next week.  A trip home to Alaska with Mark took its toll and perhaps having mother Sarah in the audience was a bit of pressure as well.