VP Biden’s Son’s Attack O’Donnell Should NOT Be Taken Seriously

Posted on September 29, 2010

Utilizing both the prestige of his role at Delaware’s Attorney General and the influence he  holds as the son of the Vice President of the United States, Beau Biden has warned voters about Delaware US Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell:

Delaware state Attorney General Beau Biden said his state’s Republican Senate nominee, Christine O’Donnell, “should be taken seriously.””She should be taken seriously. [Democratic Senate nominee] Chris [Coons] is taking her seriously. My party is taking her seriously,” Biden told CNN Chief National Correspondent John King in an interview set to air Wednesday.

O’Donnell has received national attention for a number of controversial comments she made in the 1990s.

“It’s not about what you see on the national television shows,” Biden said, seemingly referring to some of those comments. “It’s about where they [Coons and O’Donnell] stand on the issues.”

Biden said he’s content with his decision to stay out of Delaware’s Senate race this year.

“I only had one choice to make and that’s to finish my job as attorney general and that’s what I did,” Biden said. “I’m not kicking myself.”

When asked if his father, Vice President Joe Biden, might consider a 2016 presidential run, the younger Biden remained circumspect.

“He’s completely committed to making sure Democrats are elected on November 2 and that this administration wins in 2012,” he said. “But most importantly, brings the change that they both set out to do in cold days in Iowa.”

t would have been out of line for Joe Biden’s wife to speak to the candidacy of any candidate anywhere.  It’s questionable ethics if Beau Biden should be speaking out in his role as Biden’s son.  After all, we know where his father’s sentiments lie in the manner of this Tea Party – endorsed candidate taking on a member of Delaware’s traditional Republican  Party’s candidate.

At the very least, the younger Biden should have been more specific in his allegations.  Perhaps he didn’t want to soil his hands in directly touching upon such controversy.  Is a personal attack by an Attorney General unstubstianted by hard evidence outside the legal system an ethical stance for an legal eagle office holder?  He’s sworn to uphold law and order in the state of Delaware.  His partisan remarks on the reputation  of a local candidate should not be taken seriously.  Shame on you Beau.  Go sit in the corner like the first dog, Bo.  You’re a bad Beau.

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