Congress Has Left the Building in the Company of OFA and the Chief Executive Oaf in Office

Posted on September 30, 2010

Did anyone see if Dame Pelosi left town in government aircraft on her way home to California to re-elect herself?  Ah, well, I guess the third in line to the throne must be protected.  But there are degrees in everything and the size of the aircraft should have been corporate jet small.  We can all hope this will be the final round of tracking her spendthrift ways.

Harry Reid no doubt stopped off in the southern border states to visit his illegal immigrant constituency on the way back to Nevada – a place he hardly remembers except at election time.

It is amazing how the colors in the  Democrat crayon set color in all Republicans and Conservatives as anti-immigrant not anti-illegal immigration.  There is a difference between illegal residents and the process by which they get here that currently enables them to  remain in the country going to school and getting college  tuition breaks in some states. But Democrats muddy the differences and color the opposition the impenetrable color of black.

Of course Organizing for America has been on the ground in all of the states well  ahead of the local Democratic candidates.  E-mails from the principals in the National Democratic Headquarters have been streaming in here at a steady pace of at least one per day.  E-mails from the head of this state’s  OFA director have also picked up. Fund-raising has been the primary objective of OFA’s agenda locally and nationally. Of course there is setting up phone banks – their specialty.  The trouble is all of their dirty slick tricks have been uncovered since the 2008 election – or have they?  How about this new one.  A letter saying how many donations have been received from your area.  Talk about tracking.

Tackling the issues, President Obama more often than not has targeted the sympathy vote this election season.  He has painted  himself (into a corner in my opinion) as a poor beleaguered man who has been under-appreciated, misunderstood and is battling hostile incoming each day in office.  Is this the reason for flubbing the peace process? Has he encouraged al Qaeda attacks here and abroad because of his weaknesses? Perhaps a post-election vacation is being planned by his Presidential Vacation Czar.

Like Bush, Obama declared things manageable in Iraq too soon and the insurgents have had a field day ever since a large number of US troops have been withdrawn.  No room to say it is Bush’s fault, eh?

Then there are the insurgents at home dealing with ever increasing high unemployment levels and shrinking job opportunities.

And then the President has had to tolerate all of those treacherous, terrorist Tea Party people – they have been stirring up the people and making it tough for Obama and Company.  He has almost convinced the citizenry that they get their orders from Bin Laden himself.  He thinks this way because, like many Muslim leaders, he has morphed the Office of the President into a theocracy that oversees the Obama worshipers.

But Obama has turned the scepter of power over to others. When the President comes to town (more than likely the effective one, Clinton) to support local candidates try to remember who the real president of the US is.  Remember, too, how many times he has called upon the Clintons for help and support.  All he has done has been to broadcast his weakness and incompetence as a national leader.

So how do you fight OFA and the Chief Executive OAF  in Office? Opposition fund-raising in the states should all be done under the guise of a turkey raffle.  Get people together on behalf of Republican and Tea Party candidates with an eye to hearing the true message and to  color the Democrats trussed turkey.

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