Down and Dirty Campaigns for Governor of New York

Posted on October 1, 2010

The people are angry in New York.  Laboring under some of the highest taxes in the US and with huge jobless numbers, people are fighting mad.  Enter the perfect candidate for them:  Carl Paladino.  Backed by the Tea Party Movement, Paladino has a well-known temper that flared at a reporter closely linked with his opponent, Andrew Cuomo, Democrat and New York’s Attorney General, also known for his ire. []

Paladino and Cuomo both have strayed from the issues and have instead focused on the sexual affairs each has allegedly enjoyed.  Cuomo has been an effective attorney General but people still have their misgivings about this attack dog for his father’s campaign.  It was never explained why the senior Cuomo dropped all thought of a race for the presidency and so people went to town making up a reason – everything from he was a member of a crime syndicate to he may have had ties to some kind of scheme that would have adversely affected his reputation.

As for his son Andrew’s reputation, ultimately, Palidino backed away from his unsubstantiated claim that Andrew Cuomo cheated on his first wife Kerry Kennedy, a member of the Kennedy clan. New York has produced great statesmen and a few presidents. Not this year.