Not Banning the Burqa in France Would Not Stop Terror Attacks

Posted on October 2, 2010

The U.S. is expected to issue a travel alert for Europe in light of recent terror threat information, U.S. officials said Saturday. Possible backlash from the French burqa ban is considered a factor. [CNN]

In the war against terror, it doesn’t take any action on the part of any of the western nation these days to cause a terrorist threat that would heighten our watchfulness.  We have already been condemned.  The trail of “evidence” against us dates back to the Crusades.

What we must do is protect Western culture and law from undue influence from members of the Muslim faith; people from Muslim theocracies.  It is our right and we should exercise it without fear.  Nothing and no one can change the fact that to truly follow Allah is to be against Christianity, the Jewish religion, western law and western secular governments.

How many times must we in the west say that if you want to come live in Europe or in the United States or perhaps even Canada, do not expect to practice Sharia law; do not expect to alter public education and do not expect to be able to wear face coverings in public – especially during times when it is so critical to identify people for reasons of national security.  To influence a culture is one thing.  To kill it another.

The time will soon come in this country when we will have to push back more than we have against Muslim cultural dominance.  It will not be easy but it is needed.  It must happen – to fundamentalists as well as moderates.  Our two cultures do not and cannot live as one.  The Koran makes no room for that.  It is simply an article of faith for them that all must be followers of Allah.  This is not democracy.

Therefore, be prepared to take unpopular steps and to live in a state of watchfulness more so than we are now.  We will not be protected by giving in.

Those followers of Allah who can go outside the faith enough to live according to the laws of our country, our states and towns and who do not seek to impose their culture in the schools are most welcome.

We must remember:  No other people have come to these shores with the demands the Muslim followers of Allah have come with.  We have been living through a cultural invasion terrified to say “no.”  We have lived through a period in which very brilliant Muslims have used democratic principles against us.

The last stand for western culture will be here in the US.  It is not just a war on terror.  It is a war on our very way of life.  No other culture on the planet has put us in this position.  None.  This is not an anti-Muslim blog.  This is a blog that seeks to investigate and delve the depths of thoughts and emotions on the subject of the two cultures.  The foregoing is one conclusion.  There are many others.  Let us hear from you.  This is still a democracy.