Sen. Thune Threatens Tea Party Movement Could Be a 3rd Party by 2012. Where’s Sarah?

Posted on October 3, 2010

John Thune’s Wikipedia  bio is up to date – it even mentions a possible Presidential bid for the South Dakota Senator.  Since defeating former Senate  Minority Leader Tom Dashel in 2004, his head has barely been out of the clouds it seems.

He is pretty much a mirror of Sarah Palin but unlike Mrs. Palin, he is forcefully stating that if Republicans do not fulfill promises and work more cooperatively with the Tea Party candidates, the Tea Party Movement might become the Tea Party as a free-standing party by 2012.  This is political suicide for the right and any independents it could attract.

Where is the Reagan tent?  Sarah Palin is the only Tea Partier and Republican for that matter who has emerged to state two things emphatically:

  • The Tea Party Movement should not become a third party
  • Independents should choose one of the two parties and work with it. [On My Watch]

Former Governor Palin went on to put her money where her beliefs are and offered to do fund-raising for the Republican Party [On My Watch] in addition to her endorsements for Tea Party Movement candidates.

In threatening a third party, Thune is going against many Tea Partiers who have never seen their movement as a third party and do not want to see it as one and are emphatic.

If we do not govern according to our principles and if we don’t follow through on the things that we say we’re going to do, I think the Tea Party–I think there will be a third party in this country,” Thune said on C-SPAN Newsmakers.
He applauded Tea Party candidates running for office this year as energetic and driven and said their concerns coincide “with what many of us who are there want to see done.”

But the chairman of the Republican Policy Committee said the Senate would be very different considering “many of the candidates that are running on both sides this year are people who maybe don’t have long resumes or experience in politics or government … but are very motivated.”

“We’re going to have a lot of new people. And a lot of the people who got to the Senate in many cases ran campaigns that were about a very–a very distinct agenda,” Thune said. “There are going to be a lot of new faces and probably some pretty strongly-held views. And we’ll see how that works.”

He tamped down expectations for a Republican wave election in November, saying Democrats are fighting hard.

“I do think that you can get expectations really high, and I hope that those expectations can be met,” he said. “I think it’s a longer shot in the Senate.”

Thune hinted he would decide about a presidential run by early 2011 and said the results of the midterm elections could affect the political landscape for his party.

Senator Thune has developed excellent fortune-telling capabilities.  But dealing with reality is trickier.  He has opened a Pandora’s box, released the Genie in the bottle and slapped the cow in Mrs. O’Leary’s barn to kick-start start the barn fire.  Here’s hoping he’s as good at crying over spilled milk and that people who lean right can contain themselves until 2014.

Senator Thune is a tough customer and seemingly unbending.  The tenor and tone of his message is not what is needed at this juncture. There is such a thing as speaking too soon.  Looks like Sarah is the one who has the Reagan Tent in storage.

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