Aaron Sorkin Couldn’t Destroy Palin and But Diminished CNN’s Parker-Spitzer

Posted on October 5, 2010

Oh, my. on the launch of CNN’s new show, Parker-Spitzer, guest  Aaron Sorkin, who has provided  some memorable entertainment moments as a screenwriter, producer and playwright , did not disappoint this night.  He tossed off  comedic bombast as if it were popcorn: “Republicans have moved into a mental institution.” The creator of  TV’s award-winning West Wing, he went on to qualify himself as a political pundit by such self-approbation as as declaring it to have been “the most patriotic show on TV.”

CNN wanted to get its new show in the 8:00 PM prime time slot off to a rousing start.  After all, like a bad location for a restaurant after 2 there had recently failed (Campbell Brown and Rick Sanchez), CNN needed a little “shock and awe” for the grand opening.  “Shock and awe” you say? Yes, Bush WAS responsible for that.

So they booked Aaron Sorkin (creator TV’s West Wing and current movie hit, Social Network ) who showed up in suit and FDR horn-rimmed glasses to further qualify him to answer Parker’s leading question for her Palin segment:  What did he think of Sarah Palin. Was CNN riding on the coat-tails of the overly rated and publicized ABC staple, Dancing with the Stars?  Oh, yes, her daughter, Bristol, was on Dancing with the Stars in the same time slot.)

Sorkin didn’t disappoint – as an entertainer. At various moments during the interview, he peppered his Palin attack with classic argumentum ad hominum descriptive terms  such as  “idiot,”  “incompetent,” and “mean”).  Well, if this didn’t grab viewers live on CNN, the video of his vividly venomous and borderline defamation of character Palin pronouncements would attract an audience if released on YouTube (see below). Take that Bristol in your Dancing with the Stars YouTube video.

The end-result of ALL Palin-bashing has been to throw more attention on the power of Palin and, surprise, surprise – on  the short-sighted  lamestream media that is convinced that a blast in the hand is worth 2 or more headlines on the internet.  That kind of PR idiocy is a double-edge sword that more often than not has seen the champion of the left end up impaled on his weapon.  It’s great entertainment – especially in the hands of a professional entertainer and  Hollywood politico-without-credentials.

Here’s hoping that Parker and Spitzer will ditch the tired and tattered leading questions and return to the sharp and penetrating interview queries we would expect from a Pulitzer-winning journalist and  a talented although somewhat morally tarnished former Governor of New York.

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