The Writings of SamHenry Have Been Swamped in Politics

Posted on October 6, 2010

When this blog was conceived, it began life as somewhat political but then became overly focused on it. To offset this, stories were included of public figures, some very carefully written such as “Historic Import of Diana’s Wedding (among my own  favorite writings).”  But these stories brought the People Magazine and the UK’s Daily Mail readership to the blog door.

Worship at the feet of the great god blog “stats” became all consuming and a pitch to the popular rather than solid commentary on the  passing scene to appease that god took root.  No More.  SamHenry never linked heavily to other blogs and never promoted On My Watch overly much.  Somehow talented bloggers found their way here and became friends. One of their number, Darcknyt, recently chided me that I had become overly political. My other good writer friends, Morb Darcsfalcon, and Paul at Blackwatertown have patiently stood by.  My political blog friends (Samiam60, LisainTX, Roxannadana and SteveX09 have always understood me and have tolerated my wavering.  That is the value of friends.  They are hand mirrors and the honest ones are the most wonderful among their ranks.

So SamHenry returns to writing commentary on the current scene and to reviewing history through the spectacles of our time and to stretching some creative muscles as well.  Some readers will move on to other places where their needs will no doubt be better met.  But at On My Watch, the need for good writing and as well as good commentary is key. And humor must be a handmaiden to all of this.

But what of SamHenry’s politics?  SamHenry has always been very pragmatic in this area to the confusion and/or frustration of many. ” You need to declare yourself” or “you are being less than honest” are phrases I have heard repeatedly.  But somehow these concerns seem more geared to nail things down definitively for the comfort of the speaker.

This blog has only fleetingly been devoted to a single political  party or movement or philosophy.  This blog is the writings of SamHenry and that could be on any subject.  While all of life is politics, you will just have to catch glimpses of what passes for politics “proper”  in some of the writings.  But in-the-main, SamHenry belongs to no single political philosophy.  SamHenry belongs to anyone who comes here in search of fellows devoted to good ideas and discussion and to the pursuit of the well-turned phrase.

©On My Watch…the writings of SamHenry.  Registration pending.