Forget Facebook; Trash Twitter. Get Your Own Webpage for your Group

Posted on October 8, 2010

Now Facebook is offering an application that will separate your friends into interest groups or whatever way you want to configure and organize them.  They have also made it possible to download all of your information (to what purpose?).  You can’t send corrections to anyone.  They have made it possible to see where your information is going and how it is being  used (but what if you don’t like it?).

A simple alternative to following  your friends on a social network can be found in the WikiHow article cited below.  Read all of it.  It even helps you zero in on your addiction to social networking sites and how much of your good time they consume.

Creating  your own, free webpage in WordPress or Blogspot or any other comparable place is not difficult.  Surely you have a computer geek in your neighborhood who could help.  The huge benefit is this:  You can set it up that only your friends can comment.  They don’t have to identify their real selves, just produce an avatar and a user name.

Best of all, you know how your information is being used and where it is going.  Anyone who enters the site is tracked.  Yes there will be workarounds on the part of internet hacks and hackers but in-the-main, you will be better off and even your identity will be protected more readily.

And finally, you will not  have to wonder where the next opt out button will be when Facebook introduces something new that can only benefit them more than you or they wouldn’t be introducing it.  They want to entice you – to make you addicted.  Think  of them as drug pushers.

Here are instructions for  you to completely delete your Facebook account – not just deactivate it.

WikiHow – How to Quit Facebook.

Okay so you are off Facebook.  You feel out of it.  You feel you have lost the ability to hook up with friends you have not seen or whom you have even forgot.  What can replace that?   A detective agency?  A job in the CIA?

Should you join  BE CAREFUL to put only skeletal information there!  You will already be on your school’s home page – that’s enough information for some identity thieves to fill in the blanks.

The bottom line, if you are addicted to putting all the pieces of  your life back together, if you do it on-line, you will be alerting identity thieves to information you might not think is important but that they can use.  But an addiction is always dangerous so learn to live with it or change for the better and the safer.

OK, just remember, that some information about our very President has been sealed (birth records, school transcripts, etc.)  And it  may help you to know that the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has been fastidious about his privacy.  Only recently has he allowed ANY information to come out about him.

And SamHenry is now off Facebook.  There are withdrawal pains but they are abating.  If anyone wants to contact me, they have other means and if they area too lazy to use them, so be it.  And as for all of those former classmates and friends I have not seen in decades, it may be fun to hook up again but then again, maybe not.  There are other things in life more important on which I would rather spend time.

UPDATE:  Later this day – I’m back on Facebook.  It was too much to bear.  I’m an addict.  However, I follow all of the things above to limit exposure.  I rely on e-mails to my friends rather than Facebook mail.  I’m there only to look at the news and photos of others.  I visit twice weekly so that it is not a drag on my life.  Limiting time on the internet unless you job is there is important no matter what application you are on.

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