Sarah Palin: Structure of a Presidential Campaign Emerges

Posted on October 9, 2010

When the BP oil spill caused the British company to become the pariah  of the western hemisphere, Sarah Palin barely  mentioned her husband’s 19 years with the company.  She turned her ire over the event at the radical environmentalists who had pushed oil companies out of safe on-land (e.g. Alaska Natural Wildlife Preserve) and off-shore shallow drilling.  BP was off her hook.

Signs of a run for the Presidency?

Perhaps Bristol’s move home after her second breakup with Levi was to position her in a safer place prior to an announcement.  It had been a busy year for Bristol.  She opened her own PR firm; went to court over custody of her son with Levi, got back together with  and then unhitched from Levi; and launched into yet another media maelstrom.  She put her job in a dentist’s office on hold and accepted a slot in  Dancing with the Stars complete with rumor of romance with her dancing partner.  Exhausting for a 19-year-old mother of a toddler who appears in competition with Levi for Alaskan PR success of the decade.

Then there is the fact that the Palin “biographer” who had moved next door to the Palins in Wasilla was suddenly closing up shop.  Had he been closed down for security reasons? Meanwhile,  Sarah kept a fairly low profile with speaking engagements and an appearance on Dancing with the Stars to support Bristol.

Then it happened.  An anti-Palin website leaked a strongly worded e-mail from Todd Palin to Alaskan Republican Senate candidate, Joe Miller, for allegedly not having reciprocaed support given him by Sarah for for her work for Stevens on Facebook.  After that, Todd sent another e-mail to several people to explain that  he had misunderstood Miller.  Don’t you just love the effectiveness of a good, well-timed leak?  In all of this, Todd emerged as forceful as, well, an effective campaign manager.

And blessedly, Sarah herself finally alluded to a run for the Presidency if the people want  her to do it.  Sarah makes and then waits for the groundswell to release a follow-up clarification in this area.  Candidacy by leaks and setups.

Finally, Levi revoked his “apology” to Sarah and is back bashing her on TV. This is another source for publicity.  Those in this business know: publicity is publicity and this instance of it allows her to project a loving, forgiving Mama grizzly.

It is noteworthy that the candidates Palin has backed having made it on the ballot November 2nd,  she is at last free of  the kingmaker roll and can move on to 2012 with the rest of the hopefuls.  She’s early out of the gate – brilliant because her announcement will not be lost in the shuffle.

This has been one carefully orchestrated campaign for the Presidency since resigning her job as Governor and going out to help Republican and tea party candidates get on the 2010 ballot.  The aw shucks factor will no longer have currency.  Sarah Palin’s husband has been exposed as a consummately clever and effective spouse and campaign operative.  He was with her every step of the way on her book tour.

Yes, the pace and the protocols of electing Sarah Palin for President have been revealed this past week.  It has been so perfect that it has caused this potential voter to pause.  But there are two years until the vote and time enough for Palin to recast herself in yet another persona.

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