Give Rick Sanchez a Job at CNN

Posted on October 10, 2010

CNN fired Rick Sanchez for his remark during an interview about the dominance of Jews in the entertainment industry – a dominance which, in his view, negated the position that  they could be real minorities or words to that effect.  Throughout his comments he was cocky, laughing – reacting as if he were having a light-hearted conversation in a local bar with a buddy. Unfortunate, yes.  Rude, yes.  Thoughtless and tasteless, yes.  But worse than a lot of what we hear on TV out of the mouths of, say comics? NO.

Comfortably settled into bed watching TV, I landed on Comedy Central tonight in time to see part of Ron White’s “Behavioral Problems.”  It does seem as if he has them.  Less than politically PC was his suggestion to help raise money to help the nation:  “Buy Mexico, fix it up and flip it.”  Hilarious but at a time when people a dying there by the thousands in the drug war?

Then he went on to another money-raising scheme: Remove the military from the Coco Beach military base water front lots and sell them to Israel.  He made reference to the fact that Israel already owns so much of the state this would really give them a place to live in peace.

The more I heard, the more I needed to get up and to the computer to capture what appeared to be another unfortunate moment of commentary on Jews.  Encased in comedy, saying Jews already own so much of Florida they would be good candidates to buy more is not really funny at all.

Rick is a blabber mouth, over the top and damnably dumb at moments but his remarks just don’t seem that much worse than White’s.

There is a real sense in which Sanchez has learned from this experience – learned the most important lessons – about himself.  He finally realizes that he has had a large chip on his shoulder and that, in large part, that chip is what got him in trouble talking as he did about Jewish Americans.

Since his firing, he has not said one negative thing against his former employer but has openly agreed with them that what he said was beyond the pale.  In short, his finest moments have been since he has been fired.

Face it.  With all that he has been dealing with internally since his days in the Miami barrio, he deserves a break.  His road to the microphone has been twice as hard as the average anchor.  Never a great supporter of Rick, his handling of this situation since his departure from CNN has given me pause to give him a second look.

CNN – hire him back. He has finally learned that news casters, journalists – all purveyors of news are held to a high standard.  Perhaps  he is not ready for the anchor chair but he’d still make a good reporter.  Let’s see if he can handle it.  I’ll bet he can.

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