My Slow Suicide by Compulsive Eating and Bad Food Choices

Posted on October 10, 2010


Power of the Brain on Larry King Live 10/09/2010


You would have to walk for seven hours without stopping to burn off the calories from a Big Mac, a Coke and an order of fries.

I can’t do it.  I’m well up in years and I just am out of shape so if I eat a Big Mac a Coke and an order of fries, it stays with me.  A lot has in the past 7 years since I semi-retired.  I have gone from and overweight poundage of 160 to 186.  What’s going on?  What have I done?

Stress from the economy is a big factor.  The next one after that is: no one can stop me from the pleasure of eating what I want to eat.  But my doctor  has said that to continue down this road will mean diabetes or stroke…just chose my way of an early death.

I hate to exercise and I love to eat.  I guess I am doomed.  I am not up to another period of writing down everything I eat and then confessing to someone.  I pace the floor when I bring home only good food to eat.  It just means a midnight trip to the grocery store for a sugary, chocolate dessert.

But then Larry King Live happened tonight and there might be  hope. He organized a panel of 4 around the topic, “The Power of the Brain:”

  • Drew Pinsky, Addiction Specialist
  • Cara Santa Maria, neuroscience researcher, Queens College
  • Daniel Amen, MD, author of “breaking the addictions that ” and noted clinical psychiatrist
  • George Pratt, Psychologist

Dr. Julian Bailes, neurosurgeon, joins the discussion:

Enough of chasing theories.  The hard work will begin tomorrow when I begin keeping a diary of my intake and I begin to exercise.  It will be like pulling teeth.  Happily, I will be under the guidance of my cousin, a nutritionist and a physiotherapist.

Somehow the Larry King Show not only has given me renewed hope, it has changed me inside. Whenever I feel I genuinely understand the process that is going on, it helps to cope with it.  I really want to improve and now I feel I have some new tools to help in the fight. I will give it my best shot.  I love life and I want to be around to enjoy it in good health for many more years.


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