SamHenry at Election Time

Posted on October 11, 2010

Primarily I am a writer and journalist and in that order…

I try to write objectively about all subjects. My politics may be interesting but if I write a story and it does not hang together and I cannot support what I am saying, it doesn’t matter what my politics are.

I have never come out and endorsed a candidate on this blog and will not do so. My writings betray the fact  that as far as the US political scene is constituted these days, the Democrats are into some questionable territory.  But the Republicans are not off the hook and Conservatives get a little too holier than thou at times.

I am not in Palin or anyone else’s corner  although I write extensively about her and others. I can’t be and write about them objectively.

I am not clever enough by half to hide some kind of agenda. I am openly a writer and  journalist. I think journalists particularly who label themselves these days are limiting their writing and commenting horizons and trashing their credibility.

I have been a registered Democrat in my time but then they took an extreme left turn in the ’60s.  In 2008, if left  the Republican fold to vote for Obama. But I am honest about it and just as bitterly disappointed in him as anyone. But this will be the last vote I discuss now that I am blogging in earnest.

If you are seeking a partisan blog, it is not here. This blog is open to all comers. That is how we grow together.

As for my own blogging in the blogosphere, I am proud to have participated on all kinds of blogs with all kinds of political agendas.  Great bloggers like Professor William Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion know I am all over the map and have welcomed me regardless of my views.  I am equally welcome at PakistanKaKhudahafiz.  Should I stop this blogging with divergent bloggers of many political views, I may prevent myself from learning something.

So throughout the year but especially at election time, come read SamHenry’s writings.  They are not always strictly political but it is hoped that they always are headed in the direction of common sense.  And they are more often than not fun as well as instructive.  Life is too short  and I am shorter!

Your visits here are very much appreciated.

And remember to VOTE