Now Facebook and Skype are Linked – We Need to Stop Facebook

Posted on October 15, 2010

The following headline from Britain’s Telegraph made breakfast non-existent this morning:

Skype and Facebook announce video calls deal

Skype users will now be able to sync their Facebook profile with their Skype account, providing one click video calling to friends on the social networking site.

By Emma Barnett, Digital Media Editor
Published: 2:00PM BST 14 Oct 2010


Skype has integrated its service into a specially adapted version of Facebook’s news feed.

The internet telephone tool has integrated the Facebook News Feed and its phone book into its service, in an attempt to boost the numbers of people using both its free Skype-to-Skype calls and its paid telephony service.

Contrary to predictions last month, Facebook users will not be able to use Skype’s service to make internet telephone calls and send text messages from their profile pages. However, Mike Bartlett, Skype’s director of product management, said that this integration between the two firms, was “just the first stages” of the relationship.

Skype has added a Facebook tab to its desktop service, which shows both the network’s ‘News Feed’ and phone book. A Skype user can only make a free video call with a Facebook friend if they are also a Skype contact. If they are a Facebook friend, but not a Skype contact, their phone number will surface in the News Feed and phone book in Skype (if they have added these details to their Facebook profile information) and a Skype user can call them, on their landlines or mobile, for the standard Skype credit and subscription rates.

The integration goes live today. Bartlett called Facebook the most “important social platform in the world”. He said: “We have seen Facebook growing hugely as a social platform and we wanted to strike the balance between our calling capabilities and social capabilities – which we believe this partnership will do. Rather than create social functions ourselves, it made much more sense to partner with Facebook. It’s a natural marriage.” [Read the remainder of the article here]

Unholy linkage on the internet has brought Facebook to the obituary pages of  There are not many remaining web pages where their insidious logo you may click exists.  Click it and where you are is sent back to the database and perhaps to your friends on Facebook.

We are so concerned with privacy and yet we allow these huge, overbearing and bullying on-line vendors to continually push the envelope on this issue.  They will agree to cease doing one thing and then quickly turn around and present another method of information gathering all in the name of “enhancing your social networking experience.”

At the site for the network that carried Dancing with the Stars, I could not watch the videos of the show without allowing the company to access my profile on Facebook.  This is a concern.  You cannot access information unless you tell all about yourself.  I don’t want a TV network to have information about me.  I don’t want Facebook to know I visit that site either.

We need to update anti-trust and privacy laws to conform to the way we digitally live now.  No wonder the Obama Administration wants more control over the internet.  HE can then track us.  OFA already is doing a fair amount of it.  A recent e-mail announced that 3 people in my area had already donated to the Obama initiative to elect Democrats in November.  The point was that I needed to join them.  They have lowered the donation amount from $5 to $3.  They also know who is unemployed and who isn’t and no doubt what your household salary is if you are employed.  And remember, I told you Obama had Facebook as a guide in setting up OFA.

This is SamHenry reporting from behind enemy lines.

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