Palin: Go After Michelle Obama On More Issues

Posted on October 15, 2010

Just who is paying for Michelle Obama to traverse the nation to speak on behalf of Democratic Candidates?  Why was she let off the hook when found talking to a voter outside a voting booth in Chicago?

Although Sarah Palin continues to mention the fact that during the 2008 campaign, Mrs. Obama said that she had never been so proud of her country as she was at that time -years after most Americans could claim that – that was and is the least of Michelle’s offenses.  Like Hilary, she is a pro not just the other gracious  half of a presidential package.

She has the instincts of a stalking cat and knows how to sugar coat things when needed.  She can be a mom one minute, a wife the next and a professional campaigner the next.  She IS a professional campaigner and make no mistake, with popularity almost twice that of her husband’s, she’s the White House life raft.  Michelle is carrying responsibilities for Democratic success in 2010 like no other First Lady before her.  Her husband’s legacy – his legislative program is on the line and the balance of power in Congress is essential to maintain.

As for the fluff stuff – you know, the excessive entertaining at the White House?  Recently Queen Elizabeth agreed to put on the brakes in that area, canceling the bi-annual staff Christmas Party for budgetary reasons.  Her fiscal matters are now being more closely handled by the government.  Travel and other activities have also been reduced.

What IS the matter with this country that we have allowed the White House to spend monies on entertainment, travel and Czars beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and nothing has been done to rein in these activities?

Who in their right mind could stand by stoically and accept the fact that Social Security benefits have been frozen for a second year and that taxes are going up while watching a White House that does not project an image of restraint in these dangerous fiscal times?

Sarah, you are the only national figure who can take her on.  It’s your responsibility to do this as one of the most powerful political figures going into in this election season.  Someone has to methodically pick apart just what the Dems are doing by sending Michelle out there on the hustings at great cost.  Nail it, Sarah.  Michelle is hardly a volunteer and her wardrobe shows it.

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