Bad Times Deserve a Good Christmas So “Deck” the Dems Nov 2, Then the Halls!

Posted on October 27, 2010

Don’t forget to vote November 2.  While SamHenry tries to maintain a journalistic neutral position, this year in the face of election fraud, massive and destructive lies, it is less easy.  The decision is always yours but you must go to the polls and vote.  Then, turn your thoughts to the Holiday Season.

For some seasoned Christmas ornament shoppers, it is already too late to find the most exquisite among the retail offerings.  One of the generally best sources I have found (with limited pictures available on their website) is Waterloo Gardens in Devon, PA.  One Christmas I phoned them, described what I wanted and accepted what they mailed because it was all wonderful.  However, there are many reputable and fine on-line sources.  Their price points are high because  around the globe – including the US!

Here are some photos from the shakey camera of SamHenry of our Christmases past.  We are devoted to European reproduction glass ornaments from Poland, the Czeh Republic, Italy and of course Germany but selected other favorites sneek onto the tree as well.

A "fake" snowflake tree I often put up. Tree first hung with white lights and plastic icle garlands. Then clear glass ornaments - some with frost or etched in patterns and then some gold balls in varous subtle shades. Finally, snowflakes in all sizes in all positions on the tree. The "topper" is a white deer ornament.

Successful idea but not photo! Tuck greens with an ornament (cardinal here) around a picture on the wall.

Jack Frost landed on this old picture in a friend's home.

The beauty of a tree without tinsel.

A Czech church

Our worst nightmare. You just can't capture the warmth and glow of a Christmas tree - ever even if a pro.

A place of honor is always reserved for the toy horse Grandpa got Christmas, 1885 and passed directly on to me saying "I'm over 50 so this must be an antique."

Tinsel covers a dark pink vintage teapot ornament - gift from a friend who said it was from Tiffany and Company. He is a florist and collects such things. I collect good friends like him.

My late mother played the piano and Christmas was HER time of year. She decorated like the Sugar Plum Fairy. This is home for her "spirit" in the tree.

Table tree with glass birds, berries and gold ornaments topped with a fine feathered cardinal.

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