The Truth About Jon Stewart, The Republican Corner on Corporate America, and Other Myths.

Posted on October 27, 2010

What is happening to our country is a tragedy. But satirist Jon Stewart makes it seem like an entertaining movie with a happy ending – Barack Obama and Company will walk away with the 2010 elections.  But make no mistake, comedian or satirist or whatever else you may call him, Jon Stewart is deadly serious and he is dangerous.

The power of Stewart is greater than any other media personality or politician at the moment. Just today, he was named the most influential man of 2010. [Sodahead]   Stewart’s views are seen as “acceptable” because of the format in which he issues them.  A channel called “Comedy Central” is a place where fiction meets reality and we are supposed to laugh at the outcome.  And now here’s our President about to make an election-time appearance on his show hot off the campaign trail?  The President needs this forum.  He’d go on Dancing with the Stars if he could.

Soon Stewart will bring “sanity” to Washington at a rally on the mall?  All of this just goes to prove the choke hold the entertainment industry  has on our attention. Make no mistake, the entertainment industry is among our last great, greedy and protective-of-their-turf industries.  Most high rollers in this industry are solidly behind the Democratic Party.  This is powerful stuff.  This comes into our homes in all manner of media and influences us from what we buy to what we in fact do.  The Disney dream parallels the President’s:  Let’s spread the wealth.  All young girls shall be princesses.

The “fictionistas” in the White House and Jon Stewart are dead wrong that the Republicans have a corner on the corporate power market or riches in general. The Chamber of Commerce, home to big business, largely supports Republicans but Unions with their loyal membership largely support Democrats.

The wealthiest politicos I have known have been Democrats and haunt farther left movements as well.  Case in point – the infamous Bernie Madoff late of federal prison:

As late as September of this year, Mr. Madoff was still giving generously to his favorite political cause: the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee headed by New York Sen. Chuck Schumer. Mr. Madoff contributed $25,000 in September, bringing his total donations to the DSCC to $100,000 over the last three years.

Mr. Schumer, who has assiduously cultivated Wall Street for years, also benefited individually from Mr. Madoff’s largesse — taking in $39,000 from the Madoff family for his 1998 and 2004 Senate races.

“The great irony here, from a political perspective, is that Republican lack of oversight allowed a lot of well-connected Democrats — like Madoff — to run wild,” says Joel Kotkin, an urban affairs analyst who is a fellow at the liberal New America Foundation. “Now Obama will have to deal with a series of scandals and meltdowns that have taken place within a financial community — particularly hedge funds which may be the next locus of the financial crisis — that have been tilting what is now considered ‘left.’ It was so much simpler in the old days when the GOP could be easily identified as the party of ‘big greed’ while most Democrats concentrated on ‘little greed,’ like government payoffs and sweetheart contracts.”

The media myth-makers are like Santa’s workshop – up all day and night churning this stuff out while John Q. Public tries to sort through the incoming to see just where the enemy is bivouacked now.

The Democratic demagogues have painted the Tea Partiers as mindless and the Republicans ruthless. THEY are the source of the rift on the right.  But this time around, Obama and crew are not in their 2008 enviable position – that of underdogs.  No, they are the snarling, biting and barking guard dogs at the gates to the government principality they have fashioned.  This is not a pretty picture.

No, the opposition is proving that the South, North, East and West can rise again, reshuffle the cards and produce a winning hand.  All of this, mind you, in the face of election fraud that is already challenging that in Iraq and Afghanistan (rigged voting machines, lost military ballots, etc.) and in the face of efforts to allow non-residents to vote.  Can it be any worse.  Really, the laugh is on the Democrats that they can seriously think they can continue unchallenged to destroy the “us” in US.

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