More Packages from Yemen Are Sought

Posted on October 29, 2010

At least 15 packages of interest are being sought in addition to those already discovered that had originated in Yemen.  Both a UPS plane and a FEDEX plane carried packages. With each hour it seems more details are emerging.  [The following from CNN off the air.]

It is now believed that someone in Yemen who quite possibly could have mailed the packages is being detained. Meanwhile,worshipers in the Synagogues in Chicago that had been targeted are resolute that recent happenings will not keep them from their weekly Shabbos observances.

There is now a ground halt on all packages from Yemen and US authorities in Germany are now on their way to Yemen.  The fact that there were actual explosives in the packages indicates this was not a dry run.  How the explosives would have been detonated remains a mystery.  They were housed in printer toner cartridges.

It is theorized  that the American citizen believed to be head of  al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula,, Anwar al-Awlaki, was directing these most recent efforts.  Al Qaeda in Yemen has had failed attempts in the US but two were successful: one at a recruiting station; the other at a base in Texas.