Charlie Sheen Trashes the “Eloise” Suite at the Plaza. He’s Gone Too Far

Posted on October 30, 2010

Portrait of Eloise, Main Lobby, The Plaza.

Hi, I’m Eloise and I’m six.  I live at the Plaza Hotel and Oh My God, I came back to my room from tea and sandwiches in the Palm Court and there was this mess and no one – not even Skipperdee would tell me what happened. [Transcribed by SamHenry]

Last week the craziest romantic comedy played itself out at the Plaza Hotel since Barefoot in the Park. We should all be weeping with laughter.  One of if not the highest paid actors on TV, Charlie Sheen, was in town with two of his daughters and his former/second wife.  Also in town was this call girl who stayed with Sheen in his hotel suite.  Which suite you ask?  Why the Eloise Suite, natch.  Eloise?  You mean Eloise as in the children’s book Eloise at the Plaza based on Liza Minnelli?  The very same.  His children did not get the pleasure of the suite.  They were booked into rooms down the hall.

Now then, the story is that Sheen was high on some swell substances and could not find his wallet.  Bummer.  So he became a little scary and his  nude companion du jour was locked or locked herself in a closet. In a similar state of dishabille, Sheen trashed the suite trying to find it.  Somehow before his love of the evening ended up in the closet, she put in a call to the front desk saying she feared for her life (she probably meant livelihood).  The authorities soon  arrived, found Sheen in a very bad way and called an ambulance.

Now for the “awww” of the story.  His ex-wife accompanied him to the hospital. Then she went on the Joy Behar Show and told her all about it and how she and Charlie are in such a good place now.  Whaaaaa?  She would not get into details about the previous evening because her children, although young, are old enough to figure some things out.  Nice.  An adult in the situation actually thinking about the children.

You gotta give it to ole Charlie.  He got dressed, checked out of the hospital and was soon winging his way back to California unscathed.

And the moral of the story:  Charlie and his Ex may be in a good place but their kids aren’t.  Someday,their girls may want to know about Eloise if they encounter the book and remember her portrait at the hotel.  Some little friend will say to them “well you should know about her, your Dad trashed her suite at the Plaza.”  And then when they are a little older, their bigger friends will tell them what really went down in the Eloise suite.  How to ruin a kids book and a couple of young lives.  Eloise, say “thank you very much and file charges, please.”

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