Mind Over Movie: Cheap Saturday Night Flick – The Moss Rose

Posted on October 30, 2010

SamHenry's Saturday Night Movie Retrievals and Recommendations.

Let’s not let our minds hover over the terrorist threats of last week.  The only darkness we are allowed this weekend may be found in a movie theater.  Money tight or NO money?  Away with you to YouTube.

More and more movies are on Youtube or you are directed from there to where some of them are.  I came across an old, old favorite mystery – THE MOSS ROSE.

Check it out.  Large English seaside manor, waves crashing over rocks outside; murders secreted behind arrases inside – oh, no, that was Mandalay in REBECCA.  No matter, this manor house  has all the look and feel of a hall equally as overwhelming.

There are many kinds of Moss Roses and in an assortment of colors. Here is one among them.

Terrorists are encouraged to join us since they are sure to learn something from Ethyl Barrymore’s moves.

Now it starts out a little slowly but hang in there. It is in 8 parts and you can easily find them all.

Part I

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