“Sipping Slurpies” Mr. President? Republicans Don’t “DO” Seven-Eleven

Posted on October 31, 2010

The President is wrapping up his “slurpee” campaign this weekend.  He has loved it; the press has loved it; and his audiences have loved it.  But as with everything else he says and does, he not only hasn’t got it right, he looks ridiculous.  The man just doesn’t know how this President of the United States stuff should go.

But he does know how words should go – effective words carefully chosen.  Back on Labor Day he began with this imagery.  Even in its nascent form, it was clear that those Republicans sipping slurpees were like the old slave owners/drivers watching as hard working people tried to dig the car (the economy) out of the ditch they had driven there.  Like all of his imagery, it skirted on the edge of a a social kettle already on a low boil.  Here is what he said then:

He …described House Minority Leader John Boehner, not by name, as “somebody who thinks he’s going to be speaker.” Later, furthering the pushing-the-car-out-of-ditch analogy, he said, “We’re sweating and these guys were watching us and sipping on a Slurpee.” [mediaite]

Please. Republicans don’t “do” Seven-Eleven.”  It has just never had the cachet of the Gas-station branded convenience stores or the more private upscale stand alones.  Republicans are smart.  They multi-task.  They get gas and a something more healthful than soda.  It’s smoothie, not slurpee, or sweet tea or coffee.    Republicans also don’t watch anyone take a car out of a ditch.  They call AAA.  They pay for the service. And they continue their work on their iPad.

Now as the election season has  geared up, he has been expanding upon this imagery and has added that these same Republicans are  not only sipping on slurpees, they are fanning themselves.  There – there it is – the specific image of a plantation owner fanning  himself, sipping on a cold drink and watching slaves do  his work.

If you haven’t got it down yet, here it is.  Democrats are socialists who joy in making fun of the upper class that they feel must surely all be Republicans. He is trying  trying to destroy them. He has no interest in bringing them into a kind of circle of peace.  And now, just a few  days ago, he has urged Hispanics to vote as a way way to punish their enemies.  [American Spectator]

In the final analysis, he is redirecting voter anger at him that jobs are not there. People are mad that he has not done much to turn the economy around AND that people in high places at Banks and brokerage houses are still in their same old jobs.  Loan money is tight and BAC threatens to raise fees the moment the new rules kick in that prevent them from charging some old fees.  In short, the average citizen is still dealing with the same old bank that helped sink the economy.  How does that make sense?

But even more interesting is how our President can put the country on automatic pilot while he goes forth to talk up the slurpee and create division. This is the terminus of the Martin Luther King vision.  Obama thinks the words to the civil rights song go something like “He shall overcome.”  It’s a good thing that King did not live to see that the first black man in the White House brought the most division to the country.

For all  his love of Lincoln, Obama forgets that the Republicans are the party of Lincoln.  He forgets that Lincoln cautioned that a house divided against itself cannot stand.