Barry and Bill – Men Behaving Badly

Posted on November 1, 2010

It is an international disaster.  With Den Mother and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton away in Asia for two weeks, Bill and Barack have done their very best to mess up the House and perhaps the Senate elections.  She knew what would be coming.  Bill is carrying on as if he were still President.  Barack is still trying to learn the job.  He can’t find the keys to the car of state.

Over the weekend in New Mexico, Clinton’s people barred Governor Bill Richardson from a Clinton fund raising event. [HuffPo] Still carrying a grudge over Richardson’s endorsement of Barry, Clinton reportedly laughed heartily when his people told  him what they had done.

As for Barry, this blog is filled with his missteps since this election season opened.  He has generated so much animosity that Democratic candidates are shunning him at every opportunity.  Even with Michelle out there on the hustings, things have still gone from bad to worse.  Now he is being heckled.

As for all that talk of wealthy Republicans vs blue-collar Democrats, Obama returned to his large home in Chicago for a night this week.  The Clintons have not yet finalized purchase  of a $10 million dollar estate in an even more expensive Bedford Hills area of New York.

As for the 2012 election campaign that will commence at 12:01 AM Wednesday, November 2, here is a scenario from one of more ill-informed reporters  at the Huffington Post:

One of the more remarkable features of the Obama years is how “the Great Rightwing Conspiracy” switched its animosity from Hillary and Bill Clinton to Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. The result: almost overnight, mindless Republicans and “independents” came to think of the Clintons, formerly embodiments of evil, as the good Democrats. This could matter in the years ahead.If the Democrats crash big-time on Tuesday as almost everyone predicts they will, or if (as I believe) they don’t, the most likely result will be that almost nothing of importance will change. Congress, these days, has almost nothing to do with foreign or military or “national security” policy. And, in any case, in these areas, despite the occasional minor blip (as, say, between late 2001 and 2004 when neo-conservatives called the shots), there has always been a robust “bipartisan” consensus. [HuffPo]

It sure looks as if in 2012, we will probably be back to the future with another Clinton  – Obama race:  Hillary vs Michelle.  And the boys?  who already seem “poles” apart, one will be ambassador to Chile and the other Greenland.

Get out and vote tomorrow.  We need to move beyond the politics of bad boys and their wayward women.

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