If Republicans ARE Above Dems, They Won’t Ask Palin to Drop Out of 2012 Race

Posted on November 2, 2010

Sarah Palin

Why is it that you can watch a scenario play out and not think it could happen to you?  How “Presidential” did Bill Clinton look when it was rumored he had asked Meek to drop out of the Senate race in Florida?

Rumors that Republican stalwarts have been trying to find a way of freezing Sarah Palin out of the 2012 presidential race are circulating and unless this news is squashed, Barack will rise again on the cannibalism carried out in the Republican Ranks.

One of the most important points to consider when trying to strong-arm a candidate is not just that it stymies the democratic process but that it suggests to voters that the Republicans hacks don’t have very much confidence in their innate intelligence.

In short, let Palin do what she does best and get behind her if she gets the nomination.  Jeh Bush was recently interviewed and he was asked if he would support Palin for president. His answer was that if she got to the final round honestly then she was deserving of the nomination.  Then the interviewer zeroed in to the heart of the matter: “If she did win the nomination fair and square would you vote for her.  Bush’s response:  “You bettcha.”  Now there is the answer of a man who will go far.

If we want to take back the governing of the country, if we want to attract independents and others to the Republican party then the Republican power brokers will need to listen to the people (as Democrats have not) and to stand behind the nominee.

Voters have had it with cronyism and back room deals.  It’s a new day and we may just get a new face to carry us back into power.

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