Facebook Knows When You Will Break Up; Do They Tell Santa If You’ve Been Naughty or Nice As Well?

Posted on November 3, 2010

It seems that daily we are hearing something else about Facebook and the data they maintain on us.  The company itself is “surprised” by what happens to it (data you marked as “private” is being used by third party companies that are not supposed to keep or manipulate data in order to provide services to Facebook clients).

At other times data mysteriously disappears.  It becomes increasingly clear that OUR personal data is being examined, mined and manipulated in “official” ways by third party associates. [DailyTech.com].

Now comes word of a  company that can provide graphs that visualize data.  Who authorized them to manipulate and study personal data to this purpose?   This is not welcome news at least not to privacy bugs such as me. [CNN]

But watch, as in those instances in which Facebook has linked to another social network without notifying you, the company’s official position will be “gee, we thought it would enhance your online social network experience.”  [Social Media Today] They know what’s good for you, too.

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