FACEBOOK: Goes Mobile with New Partnership to Track You All Over the Web

Posted on November 4, 2010

Guess what. Facebook continues to find ways to track you all over the web on your mobile phone to “enhance your experience.” They will be doing it now via single sign on and a location component” via a new partnership with LOOPT (read about it here) Mobile phones are the wave of the future in computing and Facebook will be right there to cash in on it – literally.

Won’t it be wonderful to just sign on once?  They’re hoping you will think so.  And with the tracking, all of your friends in your social network will know where you are so you can get together if you want to.  But what if you are in the loo when Loopt calls?

And guess who else may know where you are?  ANYBODY Facebook wants to sell i t(it will become legal to do greater amounts of this) to or anyone who can hack into their servers.  And the government?  They wouldn’t, right?  And how about government health programs such as Medicare, hey, if you are urinating frequently, they may haul you in for diabetes testing LOL.  Believe it, some of my bombast here may just come true!

With these capabilities, you can not only be tracked all over the web but your social profile and data will move with you.  All of industry is moving in this direction and there seems little to stop it.  Pretty soon it will be as difficult to detach from Facebook as it is now to get rid of Groupon.

The web isn’t “free” and “anonymous”  anymore.  If you are not being tracked, companies such as Feedjit.com are identifying you on the websites you visit.

Identity, identity, identity and the word “theft” right behind it if these platforms are misused.

Over the course of this last election, the number and kind of e-mail from Organizing for America was instructive. Barack Obama consulted with Facebook prior to launching his bid for the White House to get their help with setting up his database.

I received on average 3 e-mails per day until the final days in which I would receive as many as 5.  One obnoxious communication asked me to let them know when I had voted and to give them my cell phone number.  This would enable them to move me where needed to help out with phone calls, knocking on doors, etc.

This is where we are headed and this data will be for sale mark my words and forget about privacy legislation.  Do you want to live this way?  After all, it will enhance YOUR experience.

AFTERWORD:  Just as I typed the last character on this post, my GPS blasted out “lost satellite reception.”  Good grief, I thought I had turned it off.  I was certain that Facebook now knew the kind of article I was writing and had caught up with me.  It’s not out of the question. Hackers (and others) can already read your every keystroke.

Believe me, my experience has been so enhanced this morning, I will need a second cup of coffee and a little meditation time before going on with my day – alone.  Ok so not so much alone since our cell phones have those tracking chips.

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