SamHenry’s Picks for Cheap Saturday Night Flicks

Posted on November 5, 2010

SamHenry - Fun Flick Retriever

This week a little comic relief is in order.  Actually, since 9/11, Americans have qualified for lifetime comic relief assistance.

We have a little piece of ancient history on Hulu.  Mel Gibson and Robrty Downey Jr. star in a funny and fast-moving comedy about the War that didn’t happen – the war in Laos.

AIR AMERICA is a “buddy movie.”  Who doesn’t love good buddy movies and Mel is master of the art form. It’s the excellent adventures of 2 American pilots who are transporting goods and guns in planes they shouldn’t have been using in a place Americans were legally not supposed to be- Laos ca 1969.  What’s not to like.  A movie from a time when Mel Gibson was fun to have around.

It’s on YouTube and Hulu – both are free.  You will have to register at Hulu to view this R rated movie.

How about a little very cool Hitchcock – king of the impossible twist at the end of a mystery?  Sam’s favorite pick:  VERTIGO starring James Stewart and Kim Novak.  It’s Stewart as you have never seen him before – different even than he was in Hitchcock’s REAR WINDOW.

Here’s a taste from the beginning of the unraveling of the mystery for our main character, Stewart.  He has found a woman so like the one he had loved and lost that he had her do herself over in the image of the dead girl.  She returns from her makeover and…

This movie is referenced on YouTube but to watch the full movie, you may have to pay to download it from one of many sites.  Hulu only has clips as does YouTube.

Commentator and colleague Mountain Republic:

“Big House, USA” from 1955? Just saw it again recently. Broderick Crawford, Charles Bronson & Lon Chaney Jr star. Not comic relief, but a true classic.

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