Why Popularity of Royals Is In Decline

Posted on November 5, 2010

Two years ahead of us we will be watching Britain  not only host the Olympics but the Queen celebrate 60 years on the throne – her Golden Jubilee. With most of the world in economic depression, including Great Britain, it will be a relief from the gloom but it will also cost a fortune.  It remains to be seen if tourism and the sale of souvenirs will offset the cost.

Elizabeth is generally seen as the last true monarch of the realm.  She has been dutiful and loyal and has not made a misstep from which she did not fully recover.  But she is also seen as the end of the line for the monarchy.  Her calibre just does not reside in the Windsor family anymore.  Charles has finally married his mistress, putting the viability of him as the King and head of the Church of England in doubt.  William is still green and unschooled but generally more mature than his own father.  He and Harry do have the common touch and caring for which their late mother was so well-known.

But the elements of change that have been the most significant have been raised by The Daily Mail today:

It is not just that poor Diana lies dead and cold at Althorp, while Charles is married to his mistress, a situation that once seemed unthinkable. It is more that the taint of commerce hangs around the Windsors in a way it never did before.

With the exception of the Queen, everyone seems to be in it for what they can get, from brand ambassador Zara Phillips and her sports clothing range, to Prince Charles and his organic butter, Peter ­Phillips selling the photographs of his wedding to Hello! magazine, Prince Andrew charging the public purse to take a helicopter to play golf, and the rest.

The bubble has burst.

Some claim that the Middletons are cashing in on their royal connections and that is certainly true.

Kate’s siblings James and Pippa have both given interviews to ­publicise the family’s online party planning business.

Even the Middletons cannot kid themselves that national ­newspapers would be interested in their paper cups, recipes for spider marshmallow cake and party advice (‘Can ­children fit normal-sized cupcakes into their mouth?’) if they were not connected to the Royal Family.

However, they are in fine company because the good old Windsors are just as commercially aware as ­anyone else.

Now here come the Middletons, stealthily creeping across the ­Scottish moors, to join them.

There is also a very real sense in which the family did not protect Diana or Fergie but hung them and their mental disorders out to dry.  The Mail concluded:
No wonder that pundits are already predicting [Kate and William  will try to have as low-key a [wedding] ceremony as possible, to mask the public indifference as much as anything else.Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1326802/Whod-want-bag-royal-oddballs-laws.html?ito=feeds-newsxml#ixzz14RCuwgZs

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