Obama to India Hat-In-Hand

Posted on November 8, 2010

The President who has done the most to muddy the waters of co-operation and understanding in foreign affairs is now in Asia, hat in hand, cruising for crumbs, The economic agreement that will bring jobs to Boeing and others related to aircraft manufacture is neither new nor surprising.  There were no joint ventures announced or news of Indian businesses coming to the US.

Obama was met by the CEOs of 4 US companies looking for an opportunity to do business in India.  For there part, Indians have recoiled at the US drive to halt outsourcing overseas.  However, at least one Indian tele-marketing and customer service company has brought its business to the US.  But this is the exception.  The tone for the visit was set by an Administration Official en route too India:

Briefing reporters aboard Air Force One, National Security Adviser Tom Donilon said Mr. Obama intends the trip to be “a full embrace of India’s rise.” Said Donilon: “There’s no more powerful way to do that than a presidential trip.” [CBS News]

Because of a lack of more business exchanges, there were no tours of factories in India for the President – so far just some speech-making and proof that Michelle and he can dance and sing with Indian children.

Asia in general and India in particular will continue to be major threats to US job security way into the future.  These residents of these countries will not be buying inexpensive cars from US manufacturers but from their own.

With personal income in India lagging that of the average worker in the US, Indians have their own automobile manufacture for inexpensive cars starting at $12,000.  India’s biggest achievement recently: seeing much improvement in cooperation among various factions throughout this the world’s largest democracy.

In medicine, pharmaceuticals and in banking, India is moving forward.  Many Americans now routinely fly to India for surgeries that cost twice that as in the US.  Facilities are state of the art and doctors, many of them US-trained, are now world-class.  Money is there to put into pharmaceutical research.  In banking [outsourding.india.com], many US banks have outsourced investment analysis and other functions to India.

The US has more to benefit from economic, political and military ties to India than the reverse.  Nothing has done more to highlight this than the President’s trip here.