Jeb Bush 2012? Only if He Survives Old Video of Him Trashing Palin

Posted on November 8, 2010

Jeb may just be a dog as Prez

Ever since he stepped down as Governor of Florida due to term limits, Jeb Bush has answered the question “will you be running for president”? quickly and forcefully with “No.”

What would almost certainly preclude that from happening would be an old video still out there on YouTube.  Here are remarks he made about Sarah Palin about a year ago:



Here are remarks he made in a recent interview.  There has been an absolute sea change:


The first video will haunt him.

Recent Polls put George Bush and Barack Obama at the same approval rating.

He can overcome his dynastic ties but he may not be able to overcome that serious swipe at Sarah Palin.  She would have to make moves in his direction to neutralize it.  No one knows the circumstances now that may lead her to do it.  But the race for 2012 is under way and Palin herself will no doubt be in it.  As things stand now, neither she nor candidate model  J-Bush could  easily become a candidate who could unify most factions on the right.

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