Smug/Nasty Comments in the Media About Bristol Palin’s Status on DWTS

Posted on November 10, 2010

Bristol and her partner are safe for another week of Dancing with the Stars. After each elimination show, the losing couple appears on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

The losers this week were the gracious and now not without talent former football Cardinals  quarterback, Kurt Warner.  None of the accounts of the show in which he was eliminated quoted all of what he said about his elimination.

To the judges he said that the experience gave everyone the opportunity to interact with other personalities and to build relationships.

To the press after his loss he emphasized his desire to let the world see more of the real Kurt Warner and to illustrate his talent in another arena.

But to Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he said that in retirement he was not sure what else he could do.  He saw DWTS  as a challenge and one that confirmed for  him that he not only had other talents but his manner of viewing and handling the situation was eye-opening to himself as well as others.

Kimmel tried very hard to get Kurt and his partner to admit that having been eliminated over Bristol Palin was unfair.  For the most part, Kurt maintained his positive attitude toward the experience and added that the show is not totally about dancing; it is about who relates well to the public and is popular.  That is how the vote is set up.

Kimmel was harsh in his comments about Bristol’s position.  He kept asking the audience as well as the eliminated Kurt Warner and his partner about what happened this week.  He would say “does anybody know why Bristol Palin continues to win”?  At one point he said “is this a Tea Party conspiracy.”

Finally he brought in the influence of her Mother’s own popularity on the outcomes on the show.  Sarah Palin’s alleged influence has its down side and Kimmel didn’t touch upon that.  It puts pressure on Bristol none of the other contestants have and means she risks negative reactions to her wins .  This is a 19-year-old young mother who has just split with the father of her baby.  This is tough on the emotions.  Take comfort Bristol.  There are many people out there who like YOU and are voting for your excellent staying power and grace under pressure.  Oh, and did you hear that DWTS has dominated the ratings for the 6th time?   You’re good for the show it seems and you are popular – the other half of the vote on this show. [Beverly Hills Courrier]

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