Pelosi HAD to Win Majority Leader Slot to Preserve Obama Legacy

Posted on November 17, 2010

Pelosi and Boehner – the “other” royal couple in the public eye this week.  Pelosi doesn’t have a ring and soon will not have a gavel.  If she could, she’d like the Pope’s ring since she’s tired of being kissed by dirty old Democrats on the cheek.

Nancy Pelosi had to win the senior slot among the House Dems. She has been more than the face of a lost progressive paradise. Pelosi is the leader of Progressive Democrats in Congress and must be in a leadership spot not only to ensure passage of as much Obama policy as possible but to be front and center in the effort to elect more progressives to Congress.  Blue Dog Democrats didn’t benefit either side of the aisle.  Realistically, few can accomplish what she can.

Addressing reporters after her election, Pelosi said the message Democrats got on Election Day is that people “want jobs.” Chalking up Democratic losses to the 9.6 unemployment rate, she said Democrats would “strive to work together, wherever possible, in a bipartisan way” on both job creation and deficit reduction.

Pelosi brushed aside a question about her low national approval ratings. “I’d like to see what your (approval) ratings would be” if $75 million in negative ads had been spent against you, she told one reporter. [CNN]

It is not outside the realm of possibility that the number of progressive Democrats in Congress will grow as a result of election 2012 not decrease. The Republicans must now rest of their laurels and be prepared for any eventuality.

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