Bristol Palin as Legitimate DWTS Finalist Backed by Brandy’s Partner

Posted on November 18, 2010

Before the competition began this week on Dancing with the Stars and he and Brandy Norwood  were eliminated, Maksim Chmerkovskiy spouted “party” line about the fairness of the outcome in including votes from viewers.  France24]  Considering he had tangled with one of the judges, this was not in character for Maksim.  For the show’s policy to be mouthed by the partner of the star that was about to be eliminated (management knew this) was inappropriate.

Bristol Palin, the lowest scoring “star,” pointed to the fact that people identified with her because she was a normal person and not experienced in show business.  But this argument flies in the face of the show’s title Dancing with the Stars.  Does Bristol qualify as a “star.”? [pointed out by commentator in USA Today article]

This same commentator went on to mention the promotion of Bristol as a DWTS contestant on Sarah’s website with instructions on how to vote for  her.  Perhaps in the future such “advertising” should be discouraged or even forbidden. Ironically, this ad has only served to heighten the conviction of those who view Bristol’s continued success as a candidate as a “Tea Party conspiracy.”

Like Bristol, Brandy entered the competition an inexperienced dancer but motivated to master the art.  Her competitive spirit was evident from the start.  Bristol only revealed her competitive nature before the last elimination show.  Se is in it to win not to just prove anything.

It should also be mentioned that ratings for the show were higher than normal with Bristol as a contestant. [LA Times] This could point to a possible conspiracy if anything does.

There is the strong possibility that until DWTS makes moves to give actual talent scores from the judges more weight than viewer votes, viewers will be skeptical of the show and its results overall.  Let’s hope not.  It is good family entertainment and should be just simply fun to watch.

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